The Business Analytics and Visualisation course at Swinburne University Postgraduate program


On 7th May 2018 I had the pleasure of attending a class from the Business Analytics and Visualisation course at Swinburne University. In an Australian first, the course is based on the use of Tableau. At this particular class there were two guest speakers, Michael Kost from the logistics provider, Toll Group and Tableau Sales Consultant Lee Bond-Kennedy.

From Left to Right – Michael Kost (Toll Group), Ashir Ahmed (Swinburne University), Lee Bond-Kennedy (Tableau)

Michael spoke to the class about his experiences in the use of analytics and visualization to support evidence based decision making. Michael is a Senior Manager and Tyre Specialist in Group Procurement at Toll Group, with extensive engineering and operational experience in both manufacturing and logistics. In his presentation, Michael covered the challenges of establishing a successful analytics environment, the art of communication with business end users and demonstrated some analysis, done in Tableau, that led to bottom line cost savings at Toll.


Lee Bond-Kennedy walked students through Advanced Data Analytics and Visualisation in Tableau, exploring “tips & tricks” in Tableau, using advanced analytics features as well as integration with other advanced analytics tool in conjunction with Tableau. Lee also shared a “horses for courses” guide to databases.


Business Analytics and Visualisation course is part of the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship (AGSE) suite of courses. This unit focuses on business analytics and visualisation, equipping students with the data analytics and visualisation skills required to solve the complex data problems of modern businesses.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about evidence based decision-making, online analytical processing, big data, data visualisations and various tools and techniques to perform descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics and their application in various domains.

The course takes advantage of the Tableau for Academic Programs where students and instructors get access to Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep for free.

You can take the unit as a single unit or part of the AGSE suite of courses. To find out more about the Business Analytics and Visualisation unit, please visit here

To find out more about Tableau, please visit here and Tableau Academic Program please visit here

Thank you again Michael and Lee for sharing your knowledge and Ashir Ahmed (Swinburne University Senior Lecturer) and Swinburne University AGSE for hosting guest speakers


The Business Analytics and Visualisation course at Swinburne University Postgraduate program